New attirus Zlatarnica Karat powered by ministry of economy, entrepreneurship and crafts ietiga TENDERS and how to get funds

This seems like one very strange headline and a very strange blog. It may not seem like the topic associated with this blog. However, what I want with this post (in addition to fulfilling the Contractual Obligation, which I could realistically fulfill in another way) is to remind entrepreneurs, colleagues from my own industry and everyone else to apply for tenders and to take the money available. 


Often, by launching the topic of available money to entrepreneurs (available through cities, counties, competent ministries, efonds, etc.) they quickly find themselves commenting on those who eternally have something against something, popularly called heyters. For these, everything is impossible, it goes through a connection, so they do not even apply, it only serves as a cover for some shady business, so they do not apply, they hate the funds offered because they are taken away somewhere else so they do not apply, etc... This is one modest appeal, perhaps not to enter into the philosophies of how and what someone has done to create this money in the pool available to entrepreneurs but to just apply. Focus all this energy you spend commenting and discussions under newspaper articles on filling out application forms, they are not difficult, I tell you from my own experience. 

During the summer of 2018 the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts published the competition 'Preservation and development of traditional and artistic crafts'. I read the contest and thought this would be a wonderful source of much-needed 'makeup' by our biggest jewelry store. Namely, when you come to the jewelry store and look at the jewelry in the countertops that are nicely arranged on specially lined trays, necklaces that are displayed on your necks in showcases, these are our working 'accessorizes' that have to be changed when they fray because you can't exhibit luxuriously well on frayed velvet. We've had them frayed for some time, and I delayed the renovation because I didn't like the liquid horoscope ;) I've spent one whole afternoon myself losing energy on my mind, so there's no way we're going to get funding, so we don't have hard evidence that we're artists, and we don't have hard evidence that we're a traditional craft other than what we know we are. Possibly the first craftswoman to say 'filigree jeweler Mihajlo Krasnic', and the purpose for which I apply is not some revolutionary, I can certainly finance smarter projects than 'we got frayed'. I interrupted myself in my own destruction of a project I hadn't even started. Instead of further discussion with myself, I decided to explore the available information related to the competition. Researched, realized, opened a laptop and started writing a project. With the help of the advice of my wonderful Tihana Markovic who works at the entrepreneurship center in Osijek, I submitted Karat to the first competition ever. When I submitted my application, I was strangely happy, complacent and somehow childishly proud. I know it's foolish, it's not like I figured out the gene that causes cancer, so I have something to be proud of, but I signed up for free money. To all who work in the real economy, the very idea of free money is as close and tangible as the Lilin dust on the glades of Nowhereland. 

It's been summer, September has come, no word from the ministry. I have already reconciled that the project was not good enough for me when the postman arrives on 3.9.2018 with sweet news. Project passed, money approved, contract signed. I read this paper as Mr Darcy's most beautiful love letter himself 'With this contract, the Ministry grants the User incentive, dedicated and grants in the highest amount up to XXX to finance activities of adaptation, arrangement and improvement of business premises'.  How many kind words in one sentence. 

The point of what I 'm writing is not to point out that I 'm able to report the project and get the funding , but to tell you that you 're able to do it. Because if it's me, it's everyone. The tenders to be published were launched with a reason to distribute the money and accept the projects. Don't even think about why you shouldn't be approved for the project because I don't think those who evaluate projects think like that but look at why they should. You getting the money fixes the statistics for them. It's not a zero sum game. Everyone wins here with a win. It's up to you to be 'up to date' with information. Just because you don't have the luxury of hiring consultants doesn't mean you can't follow the contests yourself. Every morning you spend 5 minutes and instead of clicking on the click on the relevant ministry, with us it is and then click on the pages of the City where you live. In Osijek, it's

that county where you live, it's

In addition to the funds from the Ministry, we have also declared funds from both the City and the County. From the City of Osijek we received funds for exhibiting at fairs, from the County for web shop. It's all fair, you sit down, you write, you put together the documentation exactly as it says, you send it, you win. It is very important not to make a mistake in your application in the sense that if it says a craftswoman no older than a month means that you cannot hand over a 35-day-old craftswoman. If it says proof of payment it means handing over both the invoice and the bank statement confirming the payment. If such an error occurs to you, you will not meet the first criterion, and this is properly submitted documentation. I've been robbed twice.


Sign up, good luck to you, take your money and start every day and do something that fixes your business. Daily 'micro strokes' for the better result in overall movement in a better direction. 


Good luck and review applications twice. 




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