Maja Matas x Karat

Between the past and the future is NOW. 

NOW is all we will truly ever have. 

Press News: The collection has been awarded as silver winner for the year 2020 by prestigious IDA designer awards in LA.

In the world of hyper ambition, faced paced lives, absolute overload of information, we are actually losing the NOW. We are losing the only moment where we can be alive. We only live in that short moment after the past and before the future. The NOW collection celebrates mindfulness. It is a small movement, almost like a rebellion against time and social conventions. Wearing the NOW collection you are part of it too. This movement is switching the agenda towards YOU. Towards your own personal awareness and skills you need to learn and practice to be able to set yourself free and live in the moment. Because NOW is all we will ever truly have.

This designer collection features exceptionally sleek and clean, urban design. It is a remarkable collision of fine jewelry and street style. The NOW collection has been made for a business city girl, ambitious but awake. Given to you by the collaboration between us and talented awarded designer Maja Matas.  

The time is NOW. Your time is NOW. 



#yourtimeisnow #thetimeisnow #doitnow 



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