How to choose the appropriate ring size?

Common ring sizes

The usual ring sizes for ladies on the fingers:

Ring finger: from size 49 (for those with very thin fingers) to size 55 (for those with stronger fingers)

Little finger: is usually 4 numbers smaller than the ring finger

Middle finger: for ladies with very thin fingers the middle finger can be a size 52, the average female hand has a middle finger size 55 or 56 while slightly stronger female hands have a middle finger size of 57 or 58

Index finger: usually the number is greater than the middle finger

Thumb: really varies greatly from joint strength

Measurement methods

1. Measurement at a nearby jeweller

If you measured your fingers at a nearby jeweller, you can be sure that you will get exactly this measure you write to us because the tools for measuring fingers in a jeweller are the same. 

2. Measurement at home

If you want to order our open rings, you will surely guess the measure as the rings can be customized. 

Measurement with thread or strip: 

Cut a piece of thread (or paper or any other strip) and wrap around your finger in such a way that you fold the thread. Cut off the excess. The thread that remains is your ring girth. Measure it using a ruler or tailor's meter and see what size it is in the table. For clearer instructions, see the video on the link. 

On our web shop, choose your size from the drop-down menu. 


Size table (click on picture)


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